Harre, meine Seele: Sheet Music (German Edition) eBook: Joh. Edition; File Size: KB; Print Length: 6 pages; Publisher: Notensatz S. Fischer (10 Sept. Wo ist meine Bestellung? Alle Informationen zu Ihren letzten Bestellungen; Bearbeiten oder überprüfen Sie Ihre offenen Bestellungen in "Mein Konto". Translation of Harre, meine Seele by Peter Krey I wonder if the German word “Harre” comes from the Hindu word, “Hare” as in “Hare Krishna“.


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In his Bach Cantata PilgrimageSir John Eliot Gardiner performed and recorded the work with cantatas for the Fifth Sunday after Trinity[10] but is not known for sure when in the liturgical year Bach performed it, harre meine seele noten there has been speculation that it was written for a special occasion.

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None of the other cantatas was published in the composer's lifetime. Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir was first published in as part of the Bach-Gesellschaft-Ausgabethe first complete edition of Bach's works. At the time of publication of this volume, he held the position of Thomaskantor in Leipzig.

You might take my freedom, But you can't take my soul! The harre meine seele noten is identical. As we expect of Bach, we often find gut-wrenching, forward-looking harmonies, e.

Harre meine Seele (César Malan)

The same jarring, harre meine seele noten chord appears in the same context, the E of chromatic bass descent from G to D C actually in the jaw-dropping last entrance of the harre meine seele noten voice Ricercar of the "Musical Offering" BWV Marie klagt dem Zaren ihr Leid: Informed by his ambassador, Lefort, of simmering rebellion in Moscow, the tsar resolves to return to Russia.

My praise shall be of thee in the great congregation: I will pay my vows before them that fear him. The meek shall eat and be satisfied: All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord: For the kingdom is the Lord's: The soft and round approach of Rilling suits very well this cantata.

Kraus singing is so beautiful and expressive. He is not shy of expressing his feelings. The Choir is a little bit bigger than is needed, but they sing marvellously.

The conducting is a little bit heavy from time to time and some of the accompaniments are not sensitive enough. The last movement sounds too slow.


Harre meine seele noten I heard the opening Chorus, I thought that this is going to be the ultimate performance, but when the 3 middle movements arrived I became very disappointed. The internal rhythms in all movements sound very right.

The 3 middle movements are the weak part of this performance.


Kooy voice in the second movement is not pleasant to my ears. He does not caress harre meine seele noten words with the depth and sensitivity of Hotter or Fischer Dieskau I do not know if either of them has recorded this cantata, but I can imagine how they could have performed it.

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The Tenor movement is marred by too prominent accompaniment of the lute, which detracts more it adds something. The singing of the Chorus harre meine seele noten the 3rd movement is not sharp enough and the picture is muddy.

We get compensated only in the last movement, which returns harre meine seele noten the high level of the opening movement. The singing of Julianne Baird and Drew Minter.

The chamber quality of the performance, but….