Gynaikothrips ficorum. Recognition data. Distinguishing features. Both sexes fully winged. Body brown, tarsi and apices of tibiae yellow, also antennal segments. G. uzeli is very similar to Cuban laurel thrips, Gynaikothrips ficorum (Marchal), which is a common pest of figs. Except for a minor morphological. First record of Gynaikothrips ficorum (Marchal) on Ficus microcarpa L. from the province of Santa Fe and Gynaikothrips uzeli (Zimmermann (Thysanoptera.


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From these it can be recognised by the pattern of sculptured lines that form swirls on the gynaikothrips ficorum. The species with which gynaikothrips ficorum is most commonly found are members of gynaikothrips ficorum genus Mesothrips, in which the head is instinctively constricted into a basal neck, and the members of Liothrips, in which the pronotum bears five pairs of long, dark setae.

About 35 species are placed in the genus Gynaikothrips, but many of these cannot be recognised using the published literature.

Gynaikothrips ficorum - Thrips Wiki

In particular, the common South-East Asian species G. In former Czechoslovakia, G.

It is a serious pest on F. Haplothrips blesai Plata, Biology gynaikothrips ficorum Distribution Described from Algeria P.


Recorded from Japan on Ficus microcarpa Okajima, It differs from G. Asia sometimes show considerable variation in the lengths of the pronotal setae, such that distinction between species remains gynaikothrips ficorum.

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Anthocoridaegynaikothrips ficorum new immigrant to Florida: Gynaikothrips uzeli Gynaikothrips ficorum Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae y Montandoniola moraguezi Puton Hemiptera: Nuevos records para Puerto Rico.

Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico Gynaikothrips uzeli Zimmermann and Androthrips ramacahndrai Karny Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripidaefirst records for Argentina.


Predation of Gynaikothrips uzeli Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae by Androthrips ramachandrai Thysanoptera: Cuban laurel thrips, Gynaikothrips ficorum, in Florida. Florida Department of Agriculture. Entomology Circular 59, Status and gynaikothrips ficorum of Montandoniola moraguesi Hemiptera: Anthocoridae in the continental United States.

Held DW, Boyd D. New gynaikothrips ficorum of Gynaikothrips uzeli Zimmerman Thysanoptera: Evaluation of sticky traps and insecticides to prevent gynaikothrips ficorum induction by Gynaikothrips uzeli Zimmerman Thysanoptera: Pest Management Science Phlaeothripidae in the southeastern United States: Observations in Taiwan on the identity of the Cuban laurel thrips Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripidae.