Garmin Connect compatible, Geocaching, custom POIs, hunt/fish calendar, photo navigation. Compatible GPS Software. MapSource BlueChart g2, MapSource. The GPSMAP 62sc handheld navigator from Garmin features a 3-axis tilt-compensated compass, a barometric altimeter, and a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. The Garmin GPSMAP 62sc adds a 5MP geotagging camera to the incredibly popular GPSMAP 62s, allowing you to snap pictures on the go.


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Camera The 62sc and 62stc come garmin gps 62sc a 5 MP digital camera that automatically geotags photos. Although the camera isn't the best see photos our testers find the auto geotagging feature to be very useful; your photos appear in Garmin's BaseCamp software along with routes, tracks, and waypoints.

Geotagging was originally developed by land managers and utility purveyors to monitor the condition of land and infrastructure. It quickly garmin gps 62sc easily solves the problem of "where was that photo taken?

Waypoints, tracks, and images are managed in the left panel.

Garmin GPSMAP 62sc Specs - CNET

Display Quality The 62 series screen is easier to see in varied conditions than all other units tested except the Oregon The 62's screen is no where near as good as top smartphone screens because, like many GPS, it has a low resolution screen that doesn't display much information.

The 62 garmin gps 62sc is now several years old and we suspect that Garmin will release an updated garmin gps 62sc of the unit relatively soon. In that update we assume that Garmin will include a much better screen. The Garmin 's screen right is slightly larger but harder to see in direct sunlight than the Garmin 62sc's screen left.

Updates & Downloads

We feel the added weight and bulk are unnecessary for most garmin gps 62sc powered applications such as hiking, backcountry, skiing, and mountaineering because other lighter and smaller units are nearly as accurate as the Software Garmin offers its garmin gps 62sc users Basecamp, a simple and powerful software tool used to plan routes and manage waypoints, tracks, and maps.

Our testers found Basecamp to be user friendly and, at the same time, provided many of the tools we need for planning trips. Viewing waypoints and tracks in Google Earth is a great feature see screenshot of Google Earth in photos. Best Application The 62 series is best suited to all land-based recreation that requires a reliable, accurate, and durable GPS device.

The garmin gps 62sc provides the best reception when hiking in forests, mountaineering in whiteout conditions, and sea kayaking in heavy fog.

Garmin: GPSMAP 62sc/62stc (WebUpdater) Updates & Downloads

The 62sc's satellite reception is significantly better than its competitors. We found the difference to be striking particularly when hiking in Northern California's Redwood forests, which have a notoriously thick canopy.

There, the 62sc maintained a lock on our position much better than all other units tested. Get the 62 when good satellite reception garmin gps 62sc a priority. Though the 62 series is weighs garmin gps 62sc.

Garmin GPSMAP 62sc Review

Value We believe the 62 series is a good value if you need its reliable push buttons and top-tier accuracy. The 62 series treats the unit as a drive when connected to your PC. The 60 series treats the unit as a garmin gps 62sc.


That meant you could see the unit screen and move through the menus garmin gps 62sc it while it was connected to your pc. Can't do that with the 62 series.

You need to find it as a drive and search its folders for anything you might want to see.