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Sicily was, both socially and politically, the most backward region of Italy, and the introduction of representative government had, if anything, aggravated the political problems of the South. The book is an outburst against contemporary Italian political life, which, Mosca alleged, had become arbitrary and corrupt as a necessary consequence of popular sovereignty.

Such antiparliamentary polemics were common in Europe at the time; in Italy, however, feelings on this score were particularly intense because the difficulties of an enfeebled regime were exacerbated by problems created by the gaetano mosca la clase politico.

As an old man, Mosca used to blame certain failures in his early academic career on his denial of the principles of popular sovereignty and political representation.

Gaetano Mosca |

The fact is that he qualified to teach constitutional law very early—in —but had no success in various competitions for fellowships for study abroad and for a chair of constitutional law.

His writings during this period—e. It was, as he later said, an ideal observation post for a young man eager to understand the realities of politics. For most of that period he published little, but it must have been a gaetano mosca la clase politico of intense study and meditation, decisive for the elaboration and ordering of his thought.

His faith in the redeeming power of political science appears to have been fostered by the prevailing cultural atmosphere of his gaetano mosca la clase politico.


At that time, in Italy as elsewhere, positivist philosophy was dominant, and Mosca believed he could transfer its inductive method from gaetano mosca la clase politico study of nature to the study of human society. Mosca was never to change basically the theory he presented at that time, although bywhen the second edition of the work appeared, his doctrine had been in many respects deepened and elaborated.

The main outlines of gaetano mosca la clase politico second edition of The Ruling Class may be summarized as follows. Paralleling these tendencies are two principles, likewise opposed to each other: The two antitheses are independent and may coexist.

The theory acquires a tighter articulation by its distinction between two levels within the ruling class, with government proper being at one level, and at the other, lower level all the existing political forces.

Gaetano Mosca - Author - Resources from the BnF

Juridical defense, that is, can be realized only when there is a plurality of forces, independent of and checking each other and sharing in the power of government [see Constitutional Law ].

These mechanisms are more likely to exist under conditions of political liberty. By Mosca had in fact changed his position with regard to representative government, which he gaetano mosca la clase politico sharply from the parliamentary system a degenerate form ; he attributed to the representative system the highest degree of juridical defense ever attained in history [see Representation ].

It is not too clear how Mosca arrived at his theory of the ruling class and the political formula. It is known that from his boyhood he was an avid reader of history, and among historians there are, of course, some who more or less consciously realize that in human societies there is always a small group that does the actual governing.

Gaetano mosca la clase politico is hard to say whether and to what extent the new environment influenced his subsequent political thinking.


The intellectual atmosphere of Turin, more cosmopolitan than that of Rome, let alone Sicily, must surely have had an impact on him. Also, he came to know such outstanding men as the gaetano mosca la clase politico Luigi Einaudithe ecclesiologist Francesco Ruffini, and the jurist and philosopher Gioele Solari, all of whom were then teaching at Turin and with whom he shared membership in the Liberal party.

Mosca, Gaetano

Having reached high academic standing, Mosca went into active politics. He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in and took his seat among the conservatives in he voted against extension of the suffrage.

  • Occupations

From to he was undersecretary for the colonies, and in he became a senator. In his attitude toward fascism he was typical of many of the most prominent Italian liberals of the time: The lectures he delivered in Rome were published gaetano mosca la clase politico the well-known Storia delle dottrine politiche aremembered especially for its affirmation of the interdependence of political practice and political ideas.

But it is especially in the United Stateswith its rich and deep-rooted tradition of research into the phenomena of association, that Mosca has received the attention he merits, from J.