Download free Basic Networking Tutorial course material and training (PDF ebook on 21 pages). In this tutorial/course we look at the fundamentals of how computers communicate on a TCP/IP network. The tutorial is geared for those who. Tutorials on Network, topologies, basic notion of a computer network, the 7 layers, protocols, and various aspects of computer networks, media transmissions.


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Remember, nothing can replace knowledge in IT world.

Today, Computer security has become one of the most important areas in the free networking tutorial discipline of computing. We are dependant on computers today for controlling large money transfers between banks, insurance, markets, telecommunication, electrical power distribution, health and medical fields, nuclear power plants, space research and satellites.


We cannot negotiate security in these critical areas. Free networking tutorial the complexity of the systems and the networks are increasing, vulnerabilities are also increasing and the task of securing the networks is becoming complex.

Networking Tutorials

This concept of free networking tutorial being inserted into an envelope is used repeatedly in data communications, and it is an important one to grasp. The envelope containing the data letter can simply be inserted into another envelope and so on.

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Although the Ethernet protocol alone is sufficient to get data between two nodes on an Ethernet network, it is not used on its own. Ethernet represents what is known as a data link protocol, and for networking we need a networking protocol which in our case is IP internet protocol.

It is however the IP protocol which contains the important Free networking tutorial addresses, which are used for connecting computers together across the Internet, and in free networking tutorial networks.

The diagram below illustrates how data is placed inside protocol envelopes headers. At the receiving end it is unpacked in the reverse order. The IP address is the most important address as far as we are concerned, as it is a logical address, free networking tutorial it is assigned by us, and can be changed.


Current networks use IPv4 Addresses. The IP IPv4 address is a 32 bit address and is written in dotted decimal notation and appears like this: So it is of this form: When troubleshooting network problems you will need to be able free networking tutorial identify network addresses, and if a device has one, and whether free networking tutorial address is valid.

Networking Tutorial: Free Computer Network Notes and Study Guide

If a client cannot get an IP address then some clients will auto assign an IP address. Different versions of windows use different default IP addresses In either case it is unlikely to work correctly because clients with a Free networking tutorial our street analogy they think they are on different streets.


Finding Your IP Address To find the IP address on a windows computer using ipconfig, open a command free networking tutorial dos prompt free networking tutorial type the command ipconfig at the prompt.

The following is displayed Note: You may have more than one network address if you have multiple network cards installed. The IP address here is You will also see the default gateway address This is the IP address of the Router, the term gateway is an old Unix expression that is still used.

Basic Networking Course for Beginners

The IP address will be used to get the data packet to the final network segment. In order to deliver the packet to the final destination the MAC address of the destination computer must be known.

A protocol know as ARP address resolution protocol is used, which uses an Ethernet broadcast to query the nodes free networking tutorial the network. Free networking tutorial query is basically: Send me your MAC address.

Basic Networking Course for Beginners

All nodes see the query but free networking tutorial the node with the destination IP address replies. Who share their knowledge, you can discover the extent of our being selected to easily learn without spending a fortune!

But also many other tutorials are accessible just as easily!