The Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal The Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal is the first book in the Horus Heresy series by Forge World. Find great deals for Forge World The Horus Heresy Vol 1 Betrayal Book Warhammer 40k 30k. Shop with confidence on eBay! But it soon descended into betrayal and heresy as the Imperium ripped itself Forge World's Horus Heresy “Black Books” contain loads of.


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This book takes place during the Shadow Wars of the Age of Darkness and follow the exploits of the Shattered Legions and the Knights-Errant during their campaign of vengeance against the Traitor Legions.


The Legion traits for the Dark AngelsBlood Angelsand the White Scars Legions, along with new rules, units, and characters for forgeworld horus heresy betrayal already released Legions and Factions are also included. The PrimarchsCharacters, and special units for unreleased Legions will be released in later volumes.

Book 7 - Inferno The Horus Heresy: Inferno also covers the Talons of the Emperor, two completely new Horus Heresy era forgeworld horus heresy betrayal The book's expected release date is early to mid Before the release of Inferno Games Workshop proper released a new Horus Heresy era set called Burning of Prospero, this set helps with the forgeworld horus heresy betrayal of new units needing released all at once, with new Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, Sisters of Silence, and Legio Custodes units.

Book 8 - Angelus The Horus Heresy: The release date of Angelus is unknown at this time, but it is expected to be released in Book 9 - Malevolence The Horus Heresy: Malevolence will include additional information and rules for the Alpha Legion and Space Wolves Legions and additional rules for Chaos Daemons.

The release date of Malevolence is unknown at this time, but it is expected to be released in late to early This is a nice touch which gives me impression that what I am reading has been taken from the depths forgeworld horus heresy betrayal a library somewhere on Terra to discover the horrible truth of a past long gone.

This character, most likely a remembrancer, signs the page Forgeworld horus heresy betrayal.

While a very simple page, it seems to forgeworld horus heresy betrayal to add some real weight and significance to the words locked up for all time in the book. Almost as though the storyteller can't believe the forgeworld horus heresy betrayal he is retelling actually happened.

The art work at the begin is incredible and help sets the mood of the horrors of the story to come. The Age of the Emperor For the Horus Heresy to make sense we need to understand what came before the it. The 13 pages making up this section detail the rise of the Imperium and the Emperors.

Battle Bunnies: Horus Heresy Book 1: Betrayal - An overview

The story forgeworld horus heresy betrayal off with details regarding the Age of strife, followed by Forgeworld horus heresy betrayal Unification Wars and the rise of the Imperium. It then moves onto the Great Crusade, more details around the Imperium's make up and finally the beginning of doubt within Horus.

If you are not overly familiar with the pre-heresy fluff then this is great chapter that will help to fill in your knowledge. If you happen to know the facts then there are still some great tidbits of information that you may not have been aware of to be discovered.


The Legiones Astartes A small chapter that details the history of the Astartes, starting with creation and Initiation. This is followed by the strategic disposition of the Legions.

Forge World The Horus Heresy Vol 1 Betrayal Book Warhammer 40k 30k | eBay

It's a great resource, showing the ideal composition of the legions. You will find the various ranks and structures in place within a legion detailed, as well as some of forgeworld horus heresy betrayal assets that the legions had at there disposable.

You may find this extremely helpful if you're aiming to recreate a sizeable chunk of a legion or, like us Bunnies, creating your own characters of differing ranks.