Finnikin of the Rock is a young adult fantasy novel by Melina Marchetta. It follows the story of Finnikin of the Rock and his guardian who have been away  Pages‎: ‎ pp (first edition). Author Melina Marchetta tells Hypable why she wouldn't allow YA fantasy novel 'Finnikin of the Rock' to be a movie. Finnikin of the Rock is the first fantasy novel written by Melina Marchetta, who tends to focus on mainstream fiction, and it follows the story of the boy Finnikin.


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Evanjalin and the priest-king getting sick with the fever? Nevermind, all is behind-the-scenes fine without anything ever coming finnikin of the rock of it. Being attacked by a seemingly brutal tribe? Nevermind, we'll tell them a story and they will instantly become our BFFs!

An upset man whose beloved has a child with another finnikin of the rock Nevermind, it's all connected to the spirit of the dead child that they had before, so no problemo!

They come to an exile camp and a man tells them that Lord August wants Finnikin and Sir Topher to travel to Belegonia. Evanjalin tells him that Charyn wanted to take over Lumatere, which was between Charyn and Belegonia, so that it could take over Belegonia.

Finnikin of the Rock Book Review

The group takes a ship to Sorel and they reach there. They talk but then soldiers come and Evanjalin says that Finnikin is pretending to be Balthazar. In the Sorel mines, Trevanion is finnikin of the rock by Evanjalin who tells him that Finnikin is also in the mines.

Then the entire royal family is brutally slaughtered by a new king who also burns those who worship a different goddess, eliciting a curse that raises a wall and imprisons the new king and those left behind in Lumatere, and plunges the other half into refugee camps and despair.

At 19, Finnikin is still finnikin of the rock for a new homeland for those exiles. Led to a young mystic called Evanjalin, she convinces Finn and his mentor that finnikin of the rock true heir of Lumatere still lives.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

Assassins killed the King and his family, and general chaos and mayhem ensued as an imposter took the throne. One of the women mystics of the Kingdom cursed it while she was burned at the stake, and the people of Lumatere were split in two. Those who had been unable to finnikin of the rock were trapped within the borders of Lumatere, while the rest who had evacuated became finnikin of the rock in their diaspora.


Yet rumours persist that Balthazar survives, and the Lumateran refugees will only return to undo the curse if they are led by Captain Travanion, now imprisoned far away, along with the King's Guard, finnikin of the rock by Balthazar. She finally finds where the mother lays, and Finnikin takes finnikin of the rock babe from her and leaps down into the grave pit and places the babe in the arms of its mother.

Sorrow consumes him, and his eyes fill with tears. Evanjalin tells him not to cry, 'for if we cry, our tears will never end. Finnikin notices how different the Priestking looks from when he was in Lumatere. After a brief conversation, the Priestking dismisses them, and Finnikin turns to go, but Evanjalin tells the Priestking that Sir Topher and Trevanion are in the area.

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The Priestking then agrees to speak with them. On the way back to Finnikin of the rock, Evanjalin chooses to walk by the river, saying that it has nice scenery. Finnikin cannot see anything nice about it. The river is crowded with the slave traders from Sorel and their slaves.

Finnikin realizes why Evanjalin wanted to walk by the river when he sees the thief from Sorel among the slaves for sale.

Finnikin of the Rock - Wikipedia

The thief sees him looking and mouths the words 'kill me'. Finnikin begins to do so, but Evanjalin stops him, saying that they are going to steal the thief. When the thief is bought by someone, Finnikin and Evanjalin follow him and manage to steal him from the buyer.

Evanjalin tells the boy that she owns him now. When they return to the inn in Speranza, Evanjalin finnikin of the rock Sir Topher that she has thought of a new set of bonds for the boy like he suggested once. She then says that the boy's name is 'Froi'.

Finnikin argues with her, believing that the thief is just saying 'boy' and he has a cut lip and therefore is saying finnikin of the rock word wrong.