This is a walkthrough for the SNES version of Final Fantasy VI and is written and maintained by Crazyswordsman. If you have any questions for him please ask. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This walkthrough goes through the American version, called Final Fantasy III for the SNES, though does cover most of the Super Famicom. Final Fantasy 3/6 was originally released in for Super Famicom. It is known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan and Final Fantasy III in other  ‎Zozo · ‎Figaro Castle · ‎Phantom Train · ‎Narshe.


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After the scene, you'll be alone with just Sabin. Vargas will lead off with Doom Fist, setting Condemned ff3 snes walkthrough giving you a Game Over if the timer hits zero, in addition to dealing some damage, and just sit there laughing at you the rest of the battle while tossing around some Battle attacks.

At this stage, there are two ways to emerge victorious. ff3 snes walkthrough

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VI/CSM's Walkthrough

Unless you're severely over-leveled, it's highly unlikely you'll be able to do this before the Condemned timer offs Sabin remember he's by his lonesome. The other method, and the one the game intends you to use, is to use a BlitzPummel in particular even if Sabin has other Blitzes available, namely AuraBoltthe battle will continue if you use anything besides Pummel.

While many a newbie has failed this task, it's really not that difficult and Sabin will even explain it in detail if you reduce Vargas' HP below 10, Simply select Blitz from the menu with A, then, pressing nothing else, hit Left, Right, and Left, in that order, then quickly press A again to enter the command you have about a second and a half to confirm it, otherwise the game considers the command to have failed.

Don't ff3 snes walkthrough for any sort of signal like a sound or the yellow flash that appears if ff3 snes walkthrough fail to begin keying your Blitz, there isn't one If you get a Game Over here, there's not much I can say, though you're welcome to retry if you like.


All of the enemies give you Just like the true enemies they are. After the battle, Sabin joins your party, giving you your first full party. His Blitz attacks do nice damage-- AuraBolt will outdamage Pummel in most cases except against things with ff3 snes walkthrough Mag. Def or that have protection against Pearl.

If you took the Mithril Shld from Mog, give it ff3 snes walkthrough Sabin, since everyone else can use Heavy Shldswhich are much less of a loss than Sabin's only alternative, a Buckler. Give him a Mythril Claw if you have it, as well as any other upgrades you may have lying around Bandana!

Head into the cave Vargas was blocking. The chest in plain view holds a Tentwhich you should take. The rest of the path out of here is linear, although you can meet Vaporite ff3 snes walkthrough at the exit screen a slope-type screen if you missed them earlier.

Final Fantasy III FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for Super Nintendo - GameFAQs

This part of the World Map has the same enemies as South Figaro had, so no point going over it again especially now with the same party save ff3 snes walkthrough a character in the fourth slot.

Simply head north until you find a cave on the right side. Naturally, you should go inside. After the scene, you'll be lone Terra again.

Talk to Locke and grab the Ff3 snes walkthrough Down in the nearby chest.

Exit the room and head for the door to the north-northwest. The Air Lancet is a dagger with higher Bat.

Pow for Locke, while the True Knight you could have purchased earlier it allows you to cover party members in Near Fatal status.

In the bucket in this same area is an Antidotewhile the ff3 snes walkthrough hides a Tincture. This means everything is time based and if you don't take your turn soon enough you'll get double turned ff3 snes walkthrough the enemy!