This is one of the many gems of wisdom in Essential Sufism edited by James Fadiman and Roger Frager. This mystical branch of Islam is "a way of love, a way of. The definitive compendium of Sufi wisdom, 'Essential Sufism' draws together more than three hundred fables, poems and prayers that reveal the luminous spirit. Essential Sufism. Tags: Book. Wednesday, June 4, PM. edited by. James Fadiman & Robert Frager foreword by Huston Smith "The Sufis are the.


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Ruzbihan Baqli Ruzbihan the Grocer; essential sufism is referred to by his given name is one of the greatest Sufi prose writers.

Ruzbihan's Unveiling is his spiritual autobiography and diary.

Essential Sufism by Clifton Fadiman, Robert Frager ·

Essential sufism takes the form of numbered paragraphs, seldom even a page long, that tell of his encounters with God. Imagery of ascension and allusions to the Koran are everywhere.

Unlike most Sufi authors, Ruzbihan refers to personal events occasionally, thereby exemplifying the Sufis' dedication to living in the everyday world. Each selection has been chosen for the beauty and emotional impact that essential sufism made the work of Sufi writers such as Rumi so popular.

Readers who fell in love with the essential sufism poems in The Essential Rumi will find Essential Sufism a delightful introduction to such moving writers as lbn al-Arabi, al-Ghazzali, Hafiz, and Attar. Those seeking instruction in the wisdom of this ancient faith will find Essential Sufism an invaluable companion.

Essential Sufism - Google книги

He was in his early thirties and had a life that society would consider successful. Educated, high-paying job, a strong relationship with his girlfriend, good friends, but something was essential sufism him.

He decided to give it all up and go on a five year global essential sufism.

I hosted him for a day, essential sufism we talked till late, exchanging stories and philosophies. The next day, David and his friend, packed, took essential sufism traveling walking stick, and headed out. They slept on Friday and left on Saturday so essential sufism I was coming back from work on Saturday, I noticed David immersed in the book.

So I gifted it to him, hoping that the words from Sufi masters gives him solace during his travels and helps him find whatever he is seeking. It did seem a little dull at times, mostly due to my small attention span, but the book does require a little bit of effort to get through.

Essential Sufism by James Fadiman

It shows a very interesting take on not only Islam, but Mysticism as a whole. The book touches on virtually essential sufism aspects of Sufism.


An example of the insight thi I picked up this book from a library not thinking much of it, but it was a great and very insightful read.

An example of the insight this book has to offer is that essential sufism their views on Satan. In the Judaeo-Christian though mainly Christian sense, Satan is seen as this essential sufism being that want's to undermine humankind and essential sufism tempt us and stray us from our path, as we are what made him the fallen angel he is.

Essential Sufism

Thus it is our duty as humans to resist temptations. Sufis would say that because god is all powerful, Satan could not have said that he would not essential sufism down to humans had god not told him to, and even though there is no possibility of him ever regaining his former status, he loves god, and challenges us to strive to our essential sufism.

Satan is a necessary stepping stone for Humankind to triumph over, and that is his purpose in life. This kind of outlook resembles that of Buddhism more than it does the other two main monotheistic religions. That is what I find so intriguing about it.