entspannt auf der wiese. Samantha .. Malvina Reynolds - God bless the grass Malvina Reynolds | Love Is Something (Magic Penny). Julian entspannt in der Garage . 31 Celebrities who Passed Away in September | Burt. Ryan Reynolds is the ultimate family man as he tells GQ Germany why Im GQ-Interview erzählt er, warum er entspannt in die Zukunft blickt.


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Another of his memorable performances was that of a former pro quarterback entspannt in die barberie lands in prison and assembles a team of convicts to play the warden's squad of brutal prison guards in 's rollicking "The Longest Yard," directed by Robert Aldrich.

He appeared in a supporting role in 's remake with Adam Sandler.

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Reynolds entspannt in die barberie directed several movies in which he starred, including "Gator""The End""Sharky's Machine" and "Stick" While some of his performances were critically praised, others were ridiculed, particularly in the bloated action comedy "Cannonball Run II," a sequel to his financial success "The Cannonball Run" He also starred in the notorious musical flop "At Long Last Love," a film so atrocious that director Peter Bogdanovich publicly apologised for making it.

Reynolds turned down entspannt in die barberie notable roles, including Han Solo in "Star Wars," which went to Harrison Ford; the title role in a James Bond film; and the astronaut in "Terms of Endearment" that Jack Nicholson turned into an Oscar-winning performance.

Asked to come up with his own epitaph, Reynolds replied: He played football at Florida State University in the s before his entspannt in die barberie football hopes were dashed by injuries suffered in a car crash.

He began acting after enrolling in a junior college.


He moved to Entspannt in die barberie York and landed minor stage and TV roles before making his film debut in Reynolds often was cast in Westerns, including the popular "Gunsmoke" TV series in the s. His film career stalled in the mids with several misfires and he was never again a leading movie star.

Burt Reynolds death was totally unexpected, says heartbroken niece

Reynolds turned to television and had a successful run on the situation comedy "Evening Shade," co-starring Marilu Henner and Charles Durning. Entspannt in die barberie to Variety, production began this summer but Reynolds had not been expected to entspannt in die barberie his scenes until the end of this month.

Aldrich later said "I think that on occasion he's a much better actor than he's given credit for. More popular was another light hearted car chase film, W.

Director[ edit ] Reynolds made his directorial debut in with Gatorthe sequel to White Lightning, written by Norton. Aldrich later commented, "Bogdanovich can get him to do the telephone book!

Anybody else has to persuade him to do something. He's fascinated entspannt in die barberie Bogdanovich.

Burt Reynolds - Wikipedia

I can't understand it. He followed it with a comedy about football players, Semi-Toughco-starring Jill Clayburgh and Kris Kristofferson and produced by David Merrick.

He then made his second film as director The Enda black comedy, playing a role originally written for Woody Allen. I'm very prolific in the amount of films I make - two-and-a-half or three a year - entspannt in die barberie when I look at any picture I do now compared to Deliverance, it's miles above what I was doing then.

But when you're doing films that are somewhat similar to each other, as I've been doing, people take it for granted. I'd rather do that than entspannt in die barberie.