I definitely prefer electronic clock, since they are much easier to read. Even when in time Chess Product #4: Chess Score Book. If you are a. Store PGN files electronically in PGN for easy analysis. Get a paper copy of your scoresheet, indicating time. Replay chess games on the device. Upload games. Buy Softcover Quality Scorebook from Wholesale Chess. We offer great discounts and super-fast shipping on the chess supplies and chess equipment you.


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There are many different chess products available on market these days.

6 Things Every Serious Chess Player Must Have

Hundreds of companies produce chess books, chess clocks, chess electronic chess scorebook, chess pieces, chess notebooks, chess software, chess computers and just everything about chess. Do you really need to buy all these things in order to be a successful tournament player?

Which things are must have and which are just luxuries? Keep reading to learn more.

6 Things Every Serious Chess Player Must Have

Chess Board Chess boards come in different sizes, colors and materials made of. However, all the chess boards serve one purpose only: The official rules of chess state that squares on the chess board must be between 50 and 65mm.

Another important feature of the chess board is its ability to sustain stress. You would think what? When players are playing blitz, or even a long time control game electronic chess scorebook the time running out, the players are tend to apply a significant force while making moves. If the board is thin, electronic chess scorebook pieces can fly away after the next punch move.

Personal Chess Manager

So, the board must keep all the pieces on its surface even if a player punches a piece. What chess set do Electronic chess scorebook suggest for a regular chess playing?

Well, if you want something that you can carry around in a bag with you then electronic chess scorebook vinyl, roll-up set is good choice for you.

If you want something a little nicer and heavier, you might prefer the classical wooden one. Chess Pieces Once you have the perfect chess board you may want to get some pieces to put on it.

The pieces are just like the chess boards come in different colors, electronic chess scorebook, materials and prices. The difference between them may be quiet significant from the esthetic point of view.

Chess Score Pad - Electronic Chess Scoresheet for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

However, in this article we focus solely on the practical usefulness of chess products, meaning not how they look, but how they perform. The official ruling states that size of the chess pieces should match the size of the squares, meaning you should not use gigantic pieces on tiny board or the other way around.

It means that its a good idea to buy chess board and chess pieces together, and see how they look together. Another very important electronic chess scorebook you need to consider while shopping for chess electronic chess scorebook is the shape and color.


Another characteristic of the chess pieces is its weight. Chess Clock From the first impression all chess clocks are the same.