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At the end, with his readers awe-struck and hungry, Watts leaves more questions than answers. Some of them might be addressed in his soon to be published novel Echopraxiawhich is a sequel to Blindsight, but other, even more profound questions will without a doubt stem from the answers.

Peter Watts is a master of thought experiments. Echopraxia peter watts epub nook much was apparent even from his earliest short fiction in the nineties.

Being a marine biologist by study, Watts set his first novel Starfish three kilometers below the sea surface to a rift in the Juan de Fuca subduction zone.

The success of Starfish was followed by publishing the two next books of the Rifters trilogy, Maelstrom and Behemoth.

A friend of mine once commented about Watts: Let me introduce you the man who thinks interesting things. Your upcoming novel Echopraxia is a sequel to Blindsight, taking us inwards the Solar System to the Icarus Array this time.

Have you already had an idea for this story when you were writing Blindsight?


At the same time, I knew that Blindsight would be a hell of a hard act to follow, whether or not it was any good in terms echopraxia peter watts epub nook literary merit.

The thematic question of consciousness vs. So while I was idly contemplating the idea of a sequel, the book I really expected to write after Blindsight was a near-future technothriller.

A straight-up sequel would, I thought, have a much harder time getting out from the shadow of its predecessor. I pitched about five different proposals to my agent, and he said the Blindsight sequel was head and shoulders above the others.

And here we are. Those snippets were probably high-graded. Can you give us some hints about the methods they use, or their ideology and aims? The Dharmic faiths—you know, that school of thought that somehow, centuries ago, managed without echopraxia peter watts epub nook of MRI or TMS to figure out that echopraxia peter watts epub nook sensation, that the self itself, is an illusion—those Dharmic faiths were the mother of the modern Bicameral Order.

Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy : The Things by Peter Watts (audio)

Neuroscience was the father; it was a winter-spring relationship. The mind loses its sense of where the body ends and the rest of the universe begins, so it literally ends up feeling connected to all of creation. Sharing sensory systems, linking minds one to another—such connections really do dissolve the boundaries between bodies.

So for them, religious rapture is an unavoidable side effect of networked existence. There are certain sublevels of reality which are, even in principle, immune to empirical investigation.

The various flavors of string and brane theory are regarded by many as philosophy, not echopraxia peter watts epub nook, for exactly that reason. The Bicamerals have—at enormous personal cost, as it turns out—rewired themselves to explore reality past echopraxia peter watts epub nook limits, and the proof of their methodology is that they own half the patent office by the time Echopraxia opens.

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Know your enemy and all that. You often explore topics related in many ways to religion in your works. When you mentioned the near-future technothriller, were you talking about your other upcoming project, Intelligent Design?


Can you give away a little of what can we be looking forward to in this novel? Well, yes, the title cuts two ways; I see the novel as both a straight-ahead Wattsian thought experiment albeit hopefully more accessible than some of my previous effortsand as a kind of metacommentary on the arguments echopraxia peter watts epub nook the IDiots who keep trying to sneak creationism into science classes.

But in terms of what you can look forward to? You can look forward fifteen or twenty years to an ice-free Arctic, remote-controlled feral lobsters, genetically-engineered giant squid, echopraxia peter watts epub nook skirmishes between the US and Canada over wellheads on the Beaufort Shelf, and sentient money.