DPX is a modification of classical Lendrum formulation, making it ideal for routine work. 2 Items DPX (PHTHALATE FREE) MOUNTING MEDIUM - 4 x ml. Scharlab, S.L. The Lab Sourcing Group - Suministros para laboratorio. Easy way to mounting slide It is Best for long time preserve slide.


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Castor oil is a clear colorless viscid oil and has excellent keeping quality and good refractive index.

So dpx mounting medium was tried as an alternative to DPX as mounting media. To compare and evaluate the efficacy of Castor oil with DPX as a mounting medium. Two sections from each block of 5 histopathologically confirmed cases of mucocele were taken from the archives of the department.

All the processing parameters were the same and done by the same person except for the choice of mounting media. Evaluation was done dpx mounting medium two observers who were blinded to the choice of mounting media.

The results were tabulated.

DPX and BPS Synthetic Resin Mountants Technical Data Sheet

Student unpaired t test was used for comparing the results. Even though the results were not statistically significant,castor oil showed better details of cellular architecture than DPX. Castor oil showed superior quality and characteristics as a mounting media on basis of clarity of cellular characteristics.

But it did not adhere to the slide. It can be used as an excellent alternative if some adhesive agents can be added to it which will help in dpx mounting medium adherence and hence help in the preservation of the slides from mechanical damage Keywords: Castor oil, DPX, mounting media, refractive index How to cite this dpx mounting medium Comparing the quality of castor oil with DPX as a mounting medium.


Int J Orofac Biol ;1: A mounting medium creates a permanent bond between the slide and the coverslip. This protects the cell film from damage, air drying effect, and stain fading. To properly visualize cellular characteristics, the refractive index RI of the glass, cellular material, coverslip, and mounting medium should closely match each other.

Mounting media should ideally have a RI as close as possible to that of the fixed protein tissue approximately 1. As light passes from one medium to another, it changes dpx mounting medium and bends.

A mounting medium with an RI close to that of the fixed tissue will, therefore, dpx mounting medium it transparent, with only the stained tissue elements visible.


The most commonly used is DPX, a mixture of distyrene a polystyrenea plasticizer tricresyl phosphateand xylene called Dpx mounting medium was introduced in It is being dpx mounting medium as the mounting media usually because of its ability to preserve stains, and dry quickly.

Its colorless and has replaced xylene balsam. It undergoes a considerate amount of shrinkage and has to be liberally applied. Fused quartz slides are often used when ultraviolet transparency is important, e. A concavity slide or cavity slide has one or more shallow depressions "wells"designed to hold slightly thicker objects, and certain samples such as liquids and tissue cultures.

If this system were used with a slide which did not incorporate these cut-off corners, the corners would chip and the slide could shatter.

DPX (Dibutylphthalate Polystyrene Xylene) - See table below: Trajan Scientific and Medical

Sometimes one square of the grid will itself be subdivided into a finer grid. Slides for specialized applications, such as hemocytometers for dpx mounting medium counting, may have various reservoirs, channels and barriers etched or ground on their upper surface.

Microscope image of a Neubauer slide's graticule being used to count cells.