Savages: A Novel [Don Winslow] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A breakthrough novel that pits young kingpins against a Mexican drug. Don Winslow's 13th novel, a thriller set in the Southern California drug “Savages” is his 13th and most boisterously stylish crime book, his. Savages is a crime novel by American author Don Winslow, published in It was followed in by a prequel, The Kings of ‎: ‎


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How did the story come to you? You have a varied background, but it doesn't involve the drug trade.

Can we italicize that? Neither as a customer -- I don't even do drugs. I read a lot, but don winslow savages was the least of it. AboutI'd done a book called "The Power of the Dog," which was a tome about the evolution of the Mexican drug cartels.

The base of don winslow savages research came from that book. I had to update it for "Savages," and for [the recently released prequel] "Kings of Cool," there are flashbacks to the s and '70s, so I had to go back in time. A lot of it was a matter of talking to people -- and that's almost misstated; a lot of it was listening to people.

I think it's a powerful story not only because of the topic, which is something that's resonating in don winslow savages headlines everyday, but also because of the characters, especially Ophelia.

What were you going for there, how did you develop her?

I had no story, no nothing. I hit page break and just started typing, and then all of a sudden I'm typing from the point of view of a twenty-something Orange County woman, which I'm not, don winslow savages I know a lot of them, I've hung out there a lot.

I wanted to have a character that was, one, unabashedly in charge of her own sexuality. It's just out there. She is who she is, she's going to do what she wants to do, and she's not apologizing for it. And that's been controversial.

I also needed that sort of commentator that could comment on the story don winslow savages comment on society and I just don winslow savages really fond of her.

I didn't start taking notes and say that O should be [like this]. It just sort of took over, really Reading a character like that, especially from a male author, the assumption to me is that perhaps the author is infantilizing her.


But she does become more complex to me as the book goes on, in regards to her sexuality, by having a relationship with two men -- there are layers to don winslow savages. What's been the feedback? Oddly enough, most of it was positive.

Savages (Savages #2) by Don Winslow

I was in Heathrow Airport when The New York Times review came out, which was of course terrifying, but it was an absolute rave and Janet Maslin, who is obviously a woman, loved that character. And that gave me I think, frankly, a layer of protection.

But sure, there's been a lot of negative commentary, I've had people come up to me to proactively tell me how much they hated don winslow savages book. Listen, if a guy is with don winslow savages women, he's a hero, right?

But when you flip it, a lot of hypocrisy comes in.

'Savages' author: 'I don't even do drugs'

But so be it. Don winslow savages just wanted to write it the way that I heard it. After writing the novel, the screenplay and seeing the movie, what's your takeaway on what it means to be savage?