Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: Faces of Death (The New 52) [Tony S. Daniel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times. DC Comics The New 52 - Detective Comics Detective Comics #9 Variant cover by TK TK / B&W Variant cover by TONY S. "Detective Comics": With kills to his name, Batman knows that the Joker is likely of this story, as she does all #1 issues published as part of The New


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Its first editor, Vin Sullivanalso drew the debut issue's cover. The Crimson Avenger debuted in issue 20 October Several of Batman's best known villains debuted in the pages of Detective Comics during this era including the Penguin in issue 58, [9] Two-Face in issue 66, [10] and the Riddler in issue A female detective comics #1 new 52 chosen first, to offset the charges made detective comics #1 new 52 Fredric Wertham that Batman and Robin were homosexual.

Julius Schwartz, who had edited the title for most of its run sinceleft the series as of issue June—July [16] The original Katherine Kane also known as "Batwoman" was killed in the lead story in issue Aug.

Detective Comics - Wikipedia

Gibson best known for his work on the pulp fiction character The Shadow. A single writer handled both books during that time beginning with Gerry Conway and followed up by Doug Moench.

The supervillain Killer Croc made a shadowy cameo in issue Feb.


Legacy " storyline began in issue August Writer Greg Rucka and artist Shawn Martinbrough became the creative team as of March [48] and created the Sasha Bordeaux character is Dec. Erdel" in Detective Comics Detective comics #1 new 52. The characters crossed over with Batman three times.

The Elongated Man run lasted until Jan. After the Elongated Man backup detective comics #1 new 52 ended, Batgirl held the role until After moving her to Batman Family, she was returned from to Jason Bard appeared as the backup feature in the odd-numbered issues of Detective from though Green Arrow became the backup feature starting with issue Dec.

These were more closed ended stories featuring new and established characters in the Batman mythos.

The first was "The Jacobian" in issues —, followed by a one part Batman story in They think they see the Joker sitting in the middle of the room, but it turns out to be a dummy rigged to explode. Detective comics #1 new 52 afar, Batman watches as the bomb goes off, killing all of the surrounding officers.

Detective Comics 1

He notices that among the gathering crowd, only one person seems to be walking away. Joker hops onto a train and Batman pursues, engaging him in hand-to-hand combat. The Joker manages to stab two knives into Batman, detective comics #1 new 52 releases some of his toxic gas, but after all, Batman still manages to catch him.


Batman leaves the Joker at Arkham Asylumwhere Dr. Jeremiah Arkham declares that he will take the clown on as a patient. After Joker is left alone, a man called Dollmaker enters the room.

Detective Comics Vol 2 1

As it turns out, the Joker had planned to be caught and taken to Arkham for the sole purpose of an audience with this man. Joker tells Dollmaker that he killed his son earlier because he insists on only the father's expertise.

According to their plan, the Dollmaker cuts the skin from the Joker's face, leaving the madman ecstatic with the pain. Tonight, they will celebrate their rebirth.