Get this from a library! Luis Cernuda en el exilio: lecturas de Las nubes y Desolacion de la quimera. [Julio Neira; Javier Pérez Bazo]. Invocaciones Invocations Las nubes The Clouds Desolación de la quimera Desolation of. Copyright. Luis Cernuda en el exilio: lecturas de "Las nubes" y "Desolacion de la quimera". Responsibility: Julio Neira, Javier Pérez Bazo. Imprint: Toulouse: Presses.


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Las Nubes / Desolación de la Quimera

The recollections and impressions of desolacion de la quimera contained in his poems, and the prose poems collected in Ocnos, suggest that he was always a solitary, introverted, and timid child whose unhappiness in the family led to his living vicariously through books and through his strong visual impressions of his native city.

Inthey moved to Calle del Aire, where he would later write the poems of Perfil del aire.


His extreme shyness prevented him from mentioning his literary activities until Salinas' notice was caught by a prose poem published in a student magazine. He gave Cernuda encouragement and urged him to read both classical Spanish poetry and modern French literature.

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As was the practice in those days, many such magazines published collections of poetry as supplements. His father died in and he continued to live at home with his mother and sisters. In he did military service in the Regiment of Cavalry.

These stimulated his poetic desolacion de la quimera and helped to guide his readings of French literature.

Selected poems of Luis Cernuda - Luis Cernuda, Reginald Gibbons - Google книги

He thought about joining the diplomatic service but decided not to on discovering that it would entail a move to Madrid. His indecision about a choice of career continued through Although he took no direct part in the proceedings, he did get the chance to read desolacion de la quimera of his poems and he made the acquaintance of Lorca.

Although he had a law degree, he had no intention of making practical use of it.

He was starting to realise that poetry was the only desolacion de la quimera that really mattered to him. Salinas arranged for him to become the Spanish lector at the University of Toulouse.

He took up post in November and stayed there for an academic year. He also discovered a love of jazz and films, which seems to have activated an interest in the USA.

All through this period, he worked with many organisations attempting to create a more liberal and tolerant Spain. This difficulty in getting published gave Cernuda the chance to revise and reflect on his work. It also occurred to him in the meantime desolacion de la quimera he could bring all his poetry together under the title La realidad y el deseo.

Subsequent editions added new poems as separate books under this collective title.

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He remained there from July to Septemberbut after that he returned to Madrid along with the ambassador and his family. From October to Aprilhe participated in radio broadcasts with A. Serrano Plaja in the Sierra de Guadarramanorth of Madrid.

In Aprilhe moved to Valencia and began to write poems that desolacion de la quimera be collected in Las Nubes. Exile in Britain[ edit ] In Februaryan English friend, desolacion de la quimera poet Stanley Richardson, who died in the Blitz in[17] arranged for him to give a series of lectures in Oxford and Cambridge.


At the time, Cernuda thought that he would be away from Spain for one or two months, however this was to be the start of an exile that would last for the rest of his life. The lectures never took place. Richardson was well-connected, however, and arranged a party for him, attended by celebrities such as the Duchess of AthollGavin Henderson, 2nd Baron Faringdonthe Chinese ambassador, Rebecca West and Rose Macaulay.

Even by then, the situation in Spain meant that desolacion de la quimera was not advisable for Cernuda to return and so Richardson suggested desolacion de la quimera he should join a colony of evacuated Basque children at Eaton Hastings on Faringdon's estate.

But he stayed on in Paris on receiving news of what was happening in his native land. Neither Glasgow nor Scotland appealed to him, which is perhaps noticeable in the downbeat tone of the poems he wrote there.