: Deliverance: Mortal Path Book Three (Mortal Path Series) by Dakota Banks and a great selection of similar New, Used and. By Dakota Banks Deliverance: Mortal Path Book Three [Mass Market Paperback] Dakota Banks Mortal Path 2 Books Collection Pack Set RRP: £ (Dark. Dakota Banks -- the complete book list. Browse author series lists, sequels, pseudonyms, Deliverance · Buy. Urban Fantasy. Apr Mortal Path - 3.


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Read Deliverance by Dakota Banks online free full book.

She swung over the edge of the roof, hung briefly by one hand, and dropped down to an adjacent flat roof. Landing with a forward roll to break the momentum of the fall, she put out a hand to avoid sliding on the patchy ice.

She scraped the side of her hand raw dakota banks deliverance the rough roofing material. The man ahead of her was a highly skilled practitioner of parkoura method of crossing obstacles in the most efficient way and shortest time.

dakota banks deliverance


It was late November, and an icy rain pelted her face and other exposed skin. Maliha jumped to dakota banks deliverance building a dozen feet away. She rolled, then ran and dropped to the fire escape.


Could he be Ageless? She dropped the last ten feet to the ground. She cleared the puddle in a small hop.

Dakota Banks, Supernatural Thrillers

Ahead a wall loomed. Using the dakota banks deliverance of her run, she stepped up the brick wall to a balcony, used a spring from the rail to power another handful of steps, and reached the next balcony.


Eight dakota banks deliverance later, she muscled up to the roof. Anticipating a trap, Maliha threw one of her knives, then ducked and rolled as a sword swung powerfully where her neck should have been.

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That should slow him down a little. She retrieved her thrown knife from where it had landed. Her opponent took them down to street level.

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She was gratified to see a blood trail in the pale cone of light from a streetlamp. He bleeds too much to be Ageless.

Then she spotted Xietai on the roof of a run-down theater, standing next to dakota banks deliverance marquee with its hundreds of broken bulbs.

One of them was going to die.

Now she would grow weaker as she used it and have to rest before speeding again. Do you already have iTunes?


Click I Have iTunes to open it now. She's got her own agenda, though. Payback time—killing Rabishu and his kin before he gets his punishing claws on her.