CYBER LITERATURE (A BI-ANNUAL JOURNAL OF ENGLISH STUDIES) (Was indexed by UGC: Sl. No , Journal No- ) It was removed on 2nd May. Cyber Literature is a term known since the coming of the internet which brings a convenience, changing habit and world view. This study is a survey-based on respondents' opinion about the existence of cyber literature on social media; of its benefit and impact to the reader. Noun. cyberliterature (uncountable) Literature that relies on a cyber medium, particular in order to achieve interactivity.


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Lately, cyber literature which is using internet as the media Endraswara, is lack of attention from the cyber literature in Indonesia should be accepted and recognized.

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cyber literature What is the benefit of cyber literature that makes it important and should be accepted and recognized in Indonesia.?

Unwittingly, cyber literature gives space for everyone to convey their critical thinking, ideas, even art works. There are newcomer writers read: Then, the existence of cyber literature can be accessed by everyone in the whole world.

Thereby, the literature works belong to everyone, so they can cyber literature and appreciate it Rejo, cyber literature.

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It is one of the most effective ways for those who want to know and learn about literature. The last, this is the part of technological development which certainly will affect the development cyber literature dissemination of cyber literature works that is should be realized and accepted by everyone.

Based on those reasons there is no reason not to accept the appeared of cyber literature.


However, there will be an argument that the literary works which are produced in cyber literature is low of aesthetic. According to Effendifeces that is well-packaged cyber literature have high value rather that literary works that is produced haphazardly.

That is just cyber literature true.


However, there are official admins of website that have special duty to manage cyber literature website for instance filtering every cyber literature that will published in the website Rejo, n. Second, there are many artists that cyber literature their career —literary works through internet media or blogs, and their works have been rose as a great works, for example the Joko Pinurbo, Goenawan Mohammad, Maman S.

The last, as people well-known literature is free, there is no one can give limitation about the aesthetic of literature. On the other hand, it might be true that cyber literature does not include of type of genre of literature, especially as a popular literature.

The other genre of popular literature such as newspaper, magazine and so on, also not accepted in the past.

Modern[ edit ] While hypertext fiction is still being made and interactive fiction created with text stories and images, there is a discussion over the term, "literature" being used to describe video games.

Though Adventure and Zork are considered video games, advancements in technology have evolved video gaming mediums from text to action and back to text.

More often than not, video games are told as interactive literature where the player makes choices and alters the outcome of the story. The video game Mass Effect 's story is entirely based around cyber literature choices, and Mass Effect 3 is an even better example, changing character interactions with the player character and how the game ends is based on the player's cyber literature.


cyber literature In other instances the games are a story and the player exists to move the plot along. Journeya game by Thatgamecompany released cyber literature for the PlayStation 3, is more story than game. The titular "journey" is the trek the player takes from start to finish as a character with limited mobility and world interaction.

While the player can play with one other player at a time on the network, they cannot communicate through traditional means.

With no actual words, this game takes the player through a world from prologue to epilogue. In Espen Aarseth's Cybertext: Cyber literature on Ergodic Literature, he defines "ergodic literature" as literature where "nontrivial effort is required to allow the reader to traverse the text".

For instance, the wall inscriptions of the temples in ancient Egypt were often connected two-dimensionally on one wall or three-dimensionally from wall to wall and from room to roomand this layout allowed a cyber literature arrangement of the religious text in accordance with the symbolic architectural layout of the temple.


Electronic literature continues to evolve. Cyber literature and archiving[ edit ] Electronic literature, according to Haylesbecomes unplayable after a decade or less due to the "fluid nature of media".

Therefore, electronic literature risks losing the cyber literature to build the "traditions associated with print literature".