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The Court agreed that the applicant had legitimate ciemno prawie noc chomikuj locus standi in obtaining relevant information. The Court noted that the information on the distribution networks, referred to in Article 80 1 iii of the ARNR, include, in principle, the data on entities names and addresses who unauthorized distribute works protected by copyright law and therefore infringe the copyrights of their owners.

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Consequently, pursuant to provisions of Article 80 ciemno prawie noc chomikuj iii of the ARNR the copyright owner of audiovisual works may require the ISP, to disclose personal data name and address of residence of entities who share and distribute audiovisual works protected by copyright in peer to peer networks.

The principle of proportionality expresses the idea of making only those activities that are essential and necessary to achieve a particular purpose and those that are appropriate in the circumstances of a case, i.

In this situation, it was necessary for the Court to consider whether in the circumstances of this case, the objective of protecting intellectual property rights justified the abandonment of the protection of personal data of entities who allegedly infringed copyrights.

The guidance on the interpretation of these rules are ciemno prawie noc chomikuj in the Directive itself, and more specifically in the provisions its preamble.

Namely, in section 14, the Community lawmakers have clearly indicated that the measures include in Article 8 section 1 of Directive need to be applied only in respect of ciemno prawie noc chomikuj carried out on a commercial scale. The reason for this is certainly the fact that commercial activities are carried out for direct or indirect economic benefit on a large scale and thus significantly affect the property rights of the creators of works.

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According to the Appeallate Court, the applicant has failed to demonstrate that the request for access to personal data of individuals is in line with the ciemno prawie noc chomikuj discussed.

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