Cherusseri Namboothiri ( AD) is the author of Krishnagatha, which is used for daily recitation as an act of worship of Krishna during the Malayalam month. Cherussery Krishnagatha In Malayalam Pdf 47 >>> DOWNLOAD. bb84b2e1ba Malayalam literature - WikipediaFor the first years of the. Cherusseri Namboothiri is a 15th-century Malayalam poet who belonged to Kolathunadu in northern Kerala. He was a court poet of Udaya Varma .


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There aren't much details recorded in history about the life of this poet. There is some dispute about the author's name and his identity. Some scholars are of opinion that he was the same as the Punam Namboothiri of the Champu literature. The difference between the cherussery malayalam of Krishna Gatha and that of any of the Champus however refutes this argument.

A few lines cherussery malayalam the opening stanzas of Krishna Gatha clarify that he was a court poet in the palace of the king Udaya Varma, who then ruled Kolathunadu: Cherusseri's living period has been decided based on the historical record of King Udayavarman's period of reign.

It is the first Maha Kavya in Malayalam. Udaya Varma rewarded him with the title Veerasrinkhala and other honours. Cherusseri is the originator of the Gatha style of poetry in Malayalam. It is said that the cherussery malayalam was inspired by a lullaby sung by a mother to put her child to sleep.


He followed the same metrical pattern for his composition.