Chaum is considered one of the early birds of applied cryptography, after proposing the DigiCash electronic money in the 90s. However, the. David Chaum Publishes “Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments”. Blind Signatures for DigiCash CyberBucks Trial begins. Deutsche Bank. Attention. DigiCash Inc. was an electronic money corporation founded by David Chaum in DigiCash transactions were unique in that they were anonymous due to a  ‎History · ‎Technology.


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Inhe founded DigiCash, an electronic cash company, in Amsterdam to commercialize the ideas chaum digicash his research.

InChaum left the company.

David Chaum

Inhe with Hans van Antwerpen introduced chaum digicash signatures. This form of digital signature uses a verification process that is interactive, so that the signatory can chaum digicash who can verify the signature.

Since signers may refuse to participate in the verification process, signatures are considered valid unless a chaum digicash specifically uses a disavowal protocol to prove that a given signature was not authentic.

Inhe with Eugene van Heyst introduced group signatures, which allow a member of a group to anonymously sign a message on behalf of the entire group. However an appointed group manager holds the power to revoke the anonymity of any signer in the case of disputes.

Anonymous communication[ edit ] InChaum proposed the idea of an anonymous communication network in a paper. His proposal, called chaum digicash networks, allows a group of senders to submit an encryption of a message and its recipient to a server.


Once the server has a batch of messages, it will reorder and obfuscate the messages so that only this server knows which message came from which sender. Bankruptcy[ edit ] DigiCash was unable to grow the company successfully through the expansion of its user base. Chaum digicash stated in an interview in that the DigiCash project, and its technology system, entered the chaum digicash before e-commerce was fully integrated within the Internet.

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Had DigiCash been able to secure chaum digicash partnership with one or more major financial institutions in this way, it would likely chaum digicash had a much better chance of surviving in the rapidly digitizing financial world. One of the most promising and yet ultimately disappointing potential partnerships was chaum digicash Citibank.

The bank engaged in long-term negotiations with DigiCash about the possibility of integrating, only to ultimately shift toward other projects. At the time, Chaum explained the issue as a chicken-and-egg problem, suggesting that "it was hard to get enough merchants to accept it, so that you could get enough consumers to use it, or vice versa.

Chaum continues to be involved in the cryptography and digital payments worlds up to this time. InChaum introduced SureVote which allowed voters chaum digicash cast a ballot from an untrustworthy voting system, [24] proposing a process now called "code voting" and used in remote voting systems like Remotegrity.

Pret a Voter[27] Punchscan chaum digicash, [28] and Scantegrity.


Other contributions[ edit ] InChaum proposed a mechanism for splitting a key into partial keys, a predecessor to secret sharing. InChaum with Gilles Brassard and Claude Crepeau published a paper [39] that introduced zero-knowledge argumentsas chaum digicash as a security model using information-theoretic chaum digicash, and also first formalized the concept of a commitment scheme.