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The frequency is simply put - the number of times per second you will wave your arm up and down.

CCNA Wireless Study Guide : Todd Lammle :

The cycle is how long time it takes you to first raise your arm up, and then down. This is a complete cycle and the number of times you can do that per ccna wireless study guide will become the Frequency of the Signal.

I still believe that this is the most simple way to explain what a Frequency is without going into all the Physics and the technical things that really defines what the Frequency is. This is exactly what happens when you use a Wireless Transmitter to alternate the current so that it ccna wireless study guide waves into the air that alters the magnetic fields.


These waves can be received by a Wireless Receiver. The wireless message can be sent from a Transmitter to a Receiver by using the same ccna wireless study guide - but instead of a rope, the waves travel as Electric and Magnetic fields that propagates away from the transmitter.

As you can imagine, the best way to send a wireless signal is to send all these waves equally in all directions. However that ccna wireless study guide not possible in reality, such a transmitter does not exist. This is called an idealistic antenna and is just used to explain basic wireless concepts and wave propagation.

In fact - in a real network, we have to use different transmitting and receiving antennas for different purposes since they have different wave propagation charecteristics.

CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide

Before moving on it's also worth mentioning that when talking about the Frequency in wireless networks, the cycle can be measured at multiple places within the cycle. To help understand the concept - again think back about the rope analogy above, we could start the cycle in the middle, at the top or at ccna wireless study guide bottom.


But what's important is that the cycle will always be counted when you reach your starting position again. The Frequency, or the number of cycles per second, is measured in whats called hertz Hz.

A wireless signal needs to be sent at a specific frequency by the transmitter and the receiver must listen to the same frequency or the signal will not ccna wireless study guide understood correctly.

CCNA® Wireless Study Guide

A ccna wireless study guide of different wireless technologies exists that uses different frequencies. To be able to support multiple radio-stations, they all cannot send on the same frequency or it would be impossible to distinguish them from each other.

To help with supporting all the different technologies that can use a ccna wireless study guide signal, many of them use frequencies that are close to each other. The are grouped into a range of different fequencies called Bands that are reserved for the same type of technology.

WIFUND Study Material - The Cisco Learning Network

Wireless networks uses the same concepts, and typically the 2. The band is just a collection or range of frequencies defined for a special purpose. For example the range between kHz - kHz are used by AM radio stations, while the range between 2.

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