The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. When he dramatized a part of the plot of his Pulitzer-winning novel, Herman Wouk had no way of knowing that. In , when "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial" opened on Broadway, with Henry Fonda incongruously cast as the Jewish Greenwald, the. An idealistic navy lieutenant facing court martial for mutiny passionately save a year old converted ship equipped for mine sweeping, the USS Caine, is put.


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Barney Greenwald - David Schwimmer Lt.

The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial - Wikipedia

John Challee - Tim Daly Capt. Blakely - Terry Beaver Capt. Randolph Southard - Murphy Guyer Lt. Thomas Keefer - Geoffrey Nauffts Dr. Bird - Tom Nelis Dr. More Reviews Toronto Film Review: In this uninterestingly designed staging at least, the Navy drama seems stilted, unable to harness caine mutiny court martial awkward relevance for renewed vigor.

Part of the problem is casting. Barney Greenwald, who reluctantly takes on the defense of Lt. All authority figures tend to caine mutiny court martial like irrational tyrants to their subordinates, Greenwald says, whether they are or not.

The Defense[ edit ] Scene 1[ edit ] As Greenwald begins his defense the following morning, he calls Steve Maryk as the first of his two witnesses.


Maryk explains in great detail what a petty, vindictive, isolated and paranoid commanding officer Queeg was. In particular, Maryk dwells on "The Strawberry Incident," which convinced much of the crew that Queeg was insane. Shortly after the Caine received a shipment of strawberries from another ship, a large portion caine mutiny court martial missing.

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Because the circumstances were superficially similar to another incident that occurred during peacetime under Queeg's command, he drew the same conclusion: Queeg's steadfast belief that this was a repeat of the same Caine mutiny court martial as the first thief led him to divert extraordinary amounts of manpower to search the ship for copy of the locked cabinet key.

When several of the enlisted men confessed to Maryk that they simply stole it from the cabinets when they were unlocked and that no duplicate key existed, Queeg's refusal to accept their confession and dedication to proving caine mutiny court martial theory convinces the officers that Queeg is trying to reenact the circumstances of his prior success against all evidence to the contrary.

Finally, Maryk describes the events of the night of the mutiny itself.

Maryk says the Caine was foundering, on the verge of sinking, and that Queeg was too frightened and paranoid to take the proper steps to save the ship. Only caine mutiny court martial this most desperate moment did Maryk see fit to take command.

The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial – Variety

After the ship was out caine mutiny court martial danger, Maryk wrote a full account caine mutiny court martial his actions in the ship's log. He claims that Queeg came to him and proposed erasing this embarrassing incident from the log—a serious breach of Naval ethics.

Maryk refused to do so, electing instead to take full responsibility for his actions. The prosecuting attorney, John Challee, asks Maryk about his background. Maryk answers that he is a fisherman's son, and has been around boats his whole life.

However, Maryk confesses that he was only an average student in high school and a poor student in college.

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It becomes clear in Challee's cross-examination that, while Maryk uses words like "paranoid," he really knows little about psychology, and was not truly qualified to caine mutiny court martial anyone's mental health. At this point, Greenwald calls Queeg as his second and final defense witness.

Under intense cross-examination, Queeg is asked to justify each and every one of his questionable actions as commanding officer of the Caine.