After lateral entry, 4 steps to make India's bureaucracy more transparent, efficient and accessible Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the. The civil service system or bureaucracy in India owes its origin to British system of civil service. For this reason logic demands that a very brief analysis of British. Is the local bureaucracy (civil and police) — the frontline staff of the Indian State — in general, insensitive to the people they serve, and to the.


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Unfortunately, for many officers, especially lower down the rung, promotion is mainly decided by seniority rather than performance.

Essay on Bureaucracy in India

A fast-track programme for promising young bureaucrats across the civil services will have the dual benefit of encouraging junior officers to take more initiative, and following lateral entry, offer high-performers in non-IAS bureaucracy in india access to top positions in the bureaucracy.

One such area of law we extensively worked on with the Ministry of consumer affairs is that of Standards of weights and measures and the other is simplification of Food bureaucracy in india drugs laws in India.


Today, India is witnessing unprecedented boom of liberalization, growth in economy, acceleration and growth in all sectors including Information technology, real estate, retail and Pharma sector.

In order to encash the opportunity and its latent potential, India needs to combat its bureaucratic net which acts a major deterrent factor to all bureaucracy in india investors.

Role of Bureaucracy in India

Thus, the minister and the Civil Service together make up the bureaucracy in india administrative setup. The founding fathers of the Indian constitution were fully alive to the need for a well-organized bureaucracy in India.

In the words of Dr. Ambedkar emphasized that the Indian federation through a dual policy will have a dual service but with one exception. The Constitution provides bureaucracy in india without depriving the states of their right to form their own civil services, there shall be an All India Service, recruited on an All India basis with common qualifications, the uniform scale of pay etc.

Besides Art create a special category of service—which is bureaucracy in india to both the Union and the State.

The All India Services are designed to give greater cohesion to the federal structure and to conduct to greater efficiency in the administration of the Union bureaucracy in india the States. Such an integrated Civil Service is a unique feature of the Indian political system.

Given the diversity and divisiveness inherent in the Indian political system, the integrated bureaucracy in india service was an unavoidable necessity.

The members of the civil service are recruited on merit on the basis of competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in the case of All India Service and State Public Service Commission in the case of State services.

The members of the services hold office during the pleasure of the President in the case of All India Services and of the state governor bureaucracy in india case of state services Art.

The bureaucracy is ailing

But the pleasure of the President or the Governor cannot be arbitrary. By Jawhar Sircar Published Before we proceed further in self condemnation, it may be appropriate to get some points clear.

India's bureaucracy comprises approximately 48 lakh people, while all the top layers, with All India and Central Services put together, would constitute less than one per cent of these.

This is bureaucracy in india to imply that the senior services are not responsible, bureaucracy in india if the income tax babu takes his mandatory cut before clearing each file, it does not matter if his boss is a saint.

The more worrisome question is, why do the university 'toppers', who succeed in the Union Public Service Commission examinations, fail to deliver thereafter?

Either some mysterious force holds them down or we just accept the terrible fact that personal zeal or honesty can hardly change a bottom-dominated politicized pyramid.

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The task of cleaning up is just too daunting, and unless the political masters are really keen to join forces in cleaning up, not just exploit every layer for what they can extract from each, it slides from bad to worse.

Not a single posting can be executed without political bureaucracy in india and rules and systems are added on every year, mindlessly.

Bureaucracy in India

Every attempt to reduce or simplify them is met with reprisals from the powerful clerical and inspector's establishment whose rapacity has only increased under the 'clean' government.

Why then is the local bureaucracy so badly-trained? Drawing on a nationwide survey of the capacity and time usage of local rural development officials in India, a paper by Devesh Kapur and Aditya Dasgupta The Political Economy of Bureaucratic Effectiveness: Politicians bureaucracy in india to underinvest in local state capacity staffing and training because unlike firms, write Kapur and Dasgupta, they are not usually driven bureaucracy in india efficiency motives.