Brahman - The Highest God in Hinduism - Jayaram v - Amitp. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This important, essential, book immediately caught my eye. This is a book about Brahman. This book fills a gap in the available literature. In all the books written. Jayaram V has collected these references to Brahman in Vedic and Hindu literature, arraigned them in cogent chapters, and presents a full picture of Brahman.


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In that ocean of supreme consciousness, there is no "me" or "mine" either, because egoism and possessiveness, which are part of the egoistic individuality, are completely absent there.

We possess things or fall in love with them because the Brahman Self in us is brahman jayaram v to the Brahman in them.

Brahman - A Book by Jayaram V

In worldly life, we know no other way to achieve union with Brahman. By seeking things and having them we want to overcome the feeling of separation from Brahman, which is created by our experience of duality and spatial distance. We indulge in sense-gratification and brahman jayaram v actions because we want to overcome the feeling of separation and incompleteness, by filling our lives with numerous things.

In Brahman, there is no object and subject, no experience and experiencer, and brahman jayaram v knower and the known.


Everything is one endless indistinguishable "I" ness. Brahman is "I am" and "I am" is the Eternal Reality. Like the clouds in brahman jayaram v sky, he appears differently to different people according to their worldly desires, aspiration, expectation, knowledge and awareness.

About Jayaram V

The wise ones, however, look beyond the clouds at the sky and know that he is the infinite, unfathomable Self and beyond names and forms.

Experience of this awareness of Brahman as the immeasurable, indescribable, indestructible and formless Self is what we call Self-Realization or the highest state of Samadhi. When we realize that there is nothing else in this vast universe, except the Eternal Brahman jayaram v, who is also the inner Self of all, we reach the end of our long journey in the world of death-ridden, ephemeral forms.

That journey begins when we are separated from Brahman and ends when we become One with him. All craving, competition, striving, envy, and comparison arise because of the absence of this awareness.

Our hidden yearning for Brahman and our determination brahman jayaram v become complete and perfect and return to him become manifest in our wakeful consciousness as hunger and thirst for the things of Brahman, which the Upanishads describe as his food or materiality.

Brahman, A Book

brahman jayaram v When a seeker realizes that he is everything, and the things that he seeks and owns are also part of the same reality that pervades all, where is the need for him to seek them or compete with others to own them? The soul does not need things because it does not depend upon them.

It is the body and the individuality, which surround the soul brahman jayaram v create that confusion and the sense of dependence. True renunciation comes out of the awareness that you are the infinite, all-pervading, immutable, eternal Self and you are the essence of all things here and hereafter.


Without that awareness and the knowledge of oneness, renunciation itself becomes a striving, and in that striving, lurk the shadows of duality, egoism, selfish intent, fear, anger, envy, lust, pride and the delusion brahman jayaram v ownership and doership.

The following story from a Sufi teaching amply illustrates the point.

The State of Brahman And Self-realization

It conveys the same message, but in the language of duality, with God as the other being rather than oneself. Distinction between Brahman and Brahma Prajapati. Why the worship of Brahma in temples declined. The secrets of Nidhidhyasana, the contemplation of Brahman. The significance and symbolism of Brahman priest in Vedic sacrifices.

How the concept of God brahman jayaram v elements of monotheism found their way into Hinduism.

This book is a theistic representation of the highest God of Hinduism, Brahman, brahman jayaram v on my study and understanding of the Samhitas, the Upanishads and various schools of Hindu philosophy. Brahman is not God in the brahman jayaram v sense. To describe Him as God from the narrow and simplistic perspective of a religious dogma is to diminish His immensity and unconditional universality.

About Jayaram V

Nor is He a mere Brahman jayaram v in the traditional sense of a magician or a miracle worker. He does not entirely fit into the traditional dualistic views of God with which we are familiar. He reveals Himself to the extent you unwind yourself. He manifests when you disappear into yourself.