With the bill of materials above the assembly contains all the raw materials and labor to manufacture that part. This assembly has a number of raw materials, but also two parts, each which have a further bill of materials, the top piece & side piece. Download a Bill of Materials Template to use in Excel. View an example bill of materials (BoM) showing the pieces in a LEGO™ assembly. Enlarge image Bill of Materials Example. A bill of materials (also known as a BOM or bill of material) is a comprehensive list of parts, items, assemblies and other.


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In this bill of materials example we will start at the top level, and drill our way down to the individual components. To simplify things in this example, the bill of material example of materials has some basic information omitted e.

Free Bill of Materials Template for Excel

A bill of materials "implosion" links component pieces to a major assembly, while a bill of materials "explosion" breaks apart each assembly or sub-assembly into its component parts. A modular BOM can be displayed in the following formats: A single-level BOM that displays the bill of material example or sub-assembly with only one level of children.

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Thus it displays the components directly needed to make the assembly or sub-assembly. Before you can make your bill of materials, you have to know what software you will use to create it.


A BOM is essentially a spreadsheet, and many companies use Excel. As your business grows and your projects get more complicated, you may find you need a more advanced program expressly designed for BOMs, of which there are many.

The process is relatively straightforward, bill of material example finding the information can be challenging.

Here's how to prepare your BOM. Open the program you plan to use and create a new spreadsheet document. Name the file and put the name of the project and any other important identifying information at the top.

Bill of materials - Wikipedia

Establish user permissions, set up change tracking and create any levels you need. You might need to add more of this organizational information and make changes to it as you go. Fill in the columns: Populate the names of the categories at the top of the columns.

These titles will include things such as item name, quantity, part number and more. We'll discuss bill of material example more detail what you should include in the next bill of material example.


Fill in the rows: Populate the rows with information, according to the category of the column. Each component of your board will have a separate row.


Ensuring that information is accurate and up to date is crucial to the success of your project. Update the information in your BOM as necessary.

Bill of Materials Example

As you create your file, bill of material example to save it bill of material example and keep a record of changes. As you find out more about your project and circumstances, you'll likely find you need to be flexible as you go through the PCB production process.

The information included in a BOM for PCB assembly may differ from project to project, but below are some of the categories of information that are commonly in them.