The best short stories should haunt you for days and weeks. The stories in McGregor's collection have stayed with me for months on end. Top 25 Short Story Collections. 8.) 7.) 6.) 5.) Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders by Neil Gaiman. 4.) Tenth of December by George Saunders. 3.) Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. 2.) What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver. 1.) This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz. Six of the best short story collections on The Spectator | While the short Fortunately, they don't spoil the first eight stories, of which the most.


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There are a LOT of them. Wars, both national and internal, are being waged in jungles, across borders, in the streets of Lima, in the intimacy of New York apartments.

Must-Read Contemporary Short Story Collections | Book Riot

Examining the borders between one nation and another, between one person and another, Urrea reveals his mastery of the short form. Monsters, real and imagined, external and internal, are the subject. Here, and in the towns beyond, the young live hard and wear the scars…In best short stories collection story, a local voice delineates the grittiness of post boom Irish society.

These are unforgettable characters rendered through silence, humor, and violence. With the grit of Raymond Carver, the humor of Grace Paley, and a blend of wit and melancholy all her own, Berlin crafts miracles from the everyday, uncovering moments of grace in the Laundromats and halfway houses of the American Best short stories collection, in the homes of the Bay Area upper class, among switchboard operators and struggling mothers, hitchhikers and bad Christians.

Such richly fraught mother-daughter relationships can be lifelines, anchors, or they can sink a woman like a stone.

Nowhere are these qualities more ingeniously brought together than in the works of short fiction she wrote throughout her life.

Chaon mines the psychological landscape of his characters to dazzling effect. Each story radiates with sharp humor, mystery, wonder, best short stories collection startling compassion. Click to share on Pocket Opens in new window Receiving the right collection of stories at the right moment can be a gift to any writer.

Especially when starting out.


It often means bouncing off distant moons. Best short stories collection it should exist. Collected Stories, from Penguin Classics. Paley started out as a poet, and it shows. Behind all these stories is the vision of a serious literary artist, dealing with universal notions of alienation, dislocation and abandonment.

In the end I chose the collection that my own teachers chose piecemeal for me.

Six of the best short story collections

None of the collections here can definitively be confined to either camp, and this should be celebrated. From the start we encounter exotics such as Ludo Abernathy and Arkady Lemko. Individual snapshots of husbands best short stories collection wives, sons and daughters, are connected by central themes—whether those be love, grief, hope, or loneliness.