Math glossary and terms on operations for kids. Learn the definitions used in this mathematics subject such as addition, multiplication, and division. Arithmetic sequence: A sequence of numbers in which each term .. Fractals: Geometrical entities characterised by basic patterns that are. Basic Math Vocabulary. 1) about not an exact answer. Examples: is about 5, $ is about $ 2) afford how much money you can pay for something.


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Difference You find the difference of 2 numbers by subtracting the smaller number from the bigger ex.

Math Terms in Spanish

The difference of 10 and 2 is also 8. The difference is the answer of a subtraction equation.


See the graphics below. Dividend is the number to be divided.

Divisor is the number divided into or the number of groups. Quotient is the answer you get after dividing. You can basic math terms of it as the number inside each group.

Remainder is the number left over. The remainder must always be smaller than the divisor. The curve is said to basic math terms the asymptote at infinity.

The Complete Mathematical Terms Dictionary

Basic math terms assumption on which a mathematical theory is based. The sum of several quantities divided by the number of quantities also called mean. An operation that basic math terms performed on just two elements of a set at a time. In a system when a small change results in an unpredictable and disproportionate disturbance, the effect causing this is called a butterfly effect.


Branch of basic math terms concerned with rates of change, gradients of curves, maximum and minimum values of functions, and the calculation of lengths, areas and volumes. It involves determining areas integration and tangents differentiationwhich are mutually inverse.

Also called real analysis.

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Calculus ; Basic math terms Calculus ; PlanetMath: Calculus ; Math Archives: Calculus ; Calculus Animations with Mathcad. Cartesian coordinates x,y specify the position of a point in a plane relative to the basic math terms x and the vertical y axes.

The x and y axes form the basis of two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. Apparent randomness whose origins are entirely deterministic.


A state of disorder and irregularity whose evolution in time, though governed by simple exact laws, is highly sensitive to starting conditions: This sensitivity to initial conditions is also known as the butterfly effect when a butterfly flaps its wings in Mexico, the result may basic math terms a hurricane in Florida a month later.