I had Barron's - GRE book in my system. I have uploaded it. It might help some one to learn VOCABULARY or other stuff. Its in PDF format. I had Barron's - GRE book in my system. I have uploaded it. It might help some one to learn VOCABULARY or other stuff. Its in PDF format. Barron's GRE Master Word List October 8, By Saami R. As found in Barron's 17th Edition GRE prep. Read more Rate this list: Not yet rated.


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Barron's GRE 17th Edition PDF

Try our 5-day full access trial for free: Then they immediately tell you to be careful with this strategy because the test writers often place synonyms in the answer choices to trick you! This is contradictory advice.


I would advise you instead to read the sentence first, then consider if any synonym pairs you see in the answers match up. While this is something you could theoretically do, the cut and paste functionality in the GRE test-taking software barrons gre 17th edition that you would have to cut, paste back into the original location, and then paste again wherever you want to repeat the text.

Not only is this awkward and laborious, cutting and pasting is an easy barrons gre 17th edition to introduce unnecessary error and awkward repetition into your essay if not deployed exactly correctly.

Barron's GRE by Sharon Weiner Green

They advise you to do this if you are stumped on a question that has a figure. In fact, sometimes ETS will specifically use misleading figures for questions like this.


This means that if you use the image to guess the answer, you will invariably get the answer wrong. So this is definitely a last-resort strategy.

Some Organization and Formatting Issues This is a comparatively minor concern, but some of the organization and formatting of this prep book make it a little less user-friendly than it could be. Barrons gre 17th edition example, the quantitative comparison practice questions are listed in a chart format without the barrons gre 17th edition choices being repeated for each question.

While the answer choices are the same for all quantitative comparison questions, the odd format makes the page a little hard to navigate visually.

GRE Prep Online Guides and Tips

Also, the math concept review is organized awkwardly. Instead of placing the content review first, we get question types first.


These are hyperlinked to the relevant concept in the Kindle edition, but still very awkward. It would be much simpler and clearer if the conceptual barrons gre 17th edition came first, and then concepts were referenced by name instead of with bizarre codes in the chapters on the different question types.

Barron's GRE 17th Edition PDF

Thus, the math content review is not terribly user-friendly. The math section is messy, like this diagram. Do I think everyone needs this book? However, do I think this book will be really useful to barrons gre 17th edition test-takers? Especially for under twenty bucks.

Who Should Get This Book?

Someone who anticipates performing fairly highly on the test in the range on each section and wants a comprehensive skills brush-up all in barrons gre 17th edition easy book package.

This book is also good for someone looking for a solid source of additional practice questions for any section beyond what ETS offers. But they will definitely help you drill for the section and prepare you for most but not all GRE questions.

Someone who needs a lot of help with barrons gre 17th edition section, and especially those who need extra help with math. While this book does provide some useful concept review, it is mostly in a GRE-centric context and may just confuse you if you have any serious content gaps.

Additionally, the poor organization of the math section will make a student who already needs extra help with math feel very lost.

Barron's GRE 3500 Master Word List 16-20

You presumably already know most of the concepts. I would have like more sample tests the copy I had was a library copy, and missin No, the start and finish dates are not typos. I would have like more sample tests the copy Barrons gre 17th edition had was a library copy, and missing the CDbut otherwise definitely an excellent starting place for anyone planning to take the GRE.