The quest for an internship is something all architecture students are keen to get their hands on. I was uncertain of what I expected to see and. Architecture is for people, and the foremost purpose of any building is to provide functional, healthful, safe, and pleasing shelter for human activity. A building affects not only its occupants, but its period of history and all those who come into contact with it. Jump to Schools of Architecture - Historically, architecture was seen as one of the arts, and there was no formal training. There were architectural.


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However, historiography has largely overlooked the important transformations in building organisation that laid architecture as a profession foundations for our modern architectural production, such as the advent of affluent contractors, public tenders, and specialised architectural designers, all of which happened in fifteenth-century Northern Europe.

At university, we as students try to involve ourselves in these ideas and understand how we can better serve the discipline of architecture when we graduate.

The term building design professional or Design professionalby contrast, is a much broader term that includes professionals who practice independently under an alternate profession, such as engineering professionals, or those who assist in the practice architecture under the supervision of a licensed architect, such as architectural technologists and intern architecture as a profession.

Architecture as profession

In many places, independent, non-licensed individuals may perform design services outside the professional restrictions, such design houses and other smaller structures.

Practice[ edit ] In the architectural profession, technical and environmental knowledge, design and construction management, and an understanding of architecture as a profession are as important as design.

However, the design is the driving force throughout the project and beyond. An architect accepts a commission from a client. The commission might involve preparing feasibility architecture as a profession, building audits, the design of a building or of several buildings, structures, and the spaces among them.

The architect participates in developing the requirements the client wants in the building. Throughout the project planning to occupancythe architect co-ordinates a design team.

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Structuralmechanicaland electrical engineers and other specialists, are hired by the client or the architect, who must ensure that the work is co-ordinated to construct the design. Design role[ edit ] The architect architecture as a profession by a client is responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of that client and provides architecture as a profession facility suitable to the required use.

The Code also speaks to the architects' ethical and professional conduct in three ways: By specifying broad principles of conduct, By spelling out ethical standards that are more specific than the usual broad principles of conduct and that are both goals toward which members of the AIA should aspire and guidelines for their professional performance and behavior, and By specifying rules of conduct that are mandatory, their violation being subject to disciplinary action by the AIA.


In their totality, the specifications of the Code lay out a rounded set of operating guidelines for the professional conduct of members in the pursuit of their professional activities wherever they may occur. It will be sufficient for our purposes here to note examples of the various kinds of statements mentioned above, the broad principles of conduct, the more specific ethical standards, and the rules of conduct.

The five canons or broad principles of conduct of the Code are as follows: Members should maintain and advance their knowledge of the art and science of architecture, respect the body of architectural accomplishment and contribute architecture as a profession its growth; learned and un-compromised professional judgement should take precedence over any other motive in the pursuit of the architecture as a profession and science of architecture.

Obligations to the Public.

Architecture Professions: Overview of the Architecture Related Careers

Members should embrace the spirit and letter of the law governing their professional affairs and should thoughtfully consider the social and environmental impact of their professional activities. Large infrastructure firms are getting their projects designed by architectural offices from developed countries whereas they employ Indian architects as droughts men, as mundane cheap labor, with extensive work overkill and no growth in career paths.

Titles get changed every year, based on number of architecture as a profession toiled, but the work largely remains same with a bigger fish coming architecture as a profession upon smaller fish.

Even the government sponsored Smart City projects are scouring for design consultancies worldwide except India - is Indian architects community so bad? Do we even garner any respect? The freaky-architecture in unsustainable cities like Gurgaon is a prime example of this long - running mediocre circus.

Architectural Drafter Architectural drafters consult with architects and project engineers to create drawings for prospective structures. Drafters typically work under general supervision in an office environment and use drawing tools to produce sketches and verify measurements.


Like architects and technicians, drafters may also use CADD tools to evaluate, replicate and reproduce designs.