As Anne of the Island begins, Anne half-reluctantly leaves Avonlea. Fortunately, Priscilla Grant and Gilbert Blythe are also traveling to Redmond. Anne and. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Anne Of The Island, by Lucy Maud Montgomery This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no  ‎Chapter I · ‎Chapter II · ‎Chapter III · ‎Chapter IV. ANNE of the ISLAND. by. Lucy Maud Montgomery. This book is the third in a set -- it is preceded by "Anne of Green Gables" (#1) and "Anne of Avonlea" (#2), and.


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Gilbert Blythe - Anne's childhood rival and now good friend. Gilbert is now studying at Redmond College and is in Anne's class.


After many years, he finally admits his love for Anne and anne of the island to her. He is rejected the first time but after falling ill and proposing again Anne accepts it. Charlie Sloane - An old schoolmate who has feelings for Anne, but who Anne has always felt indifferent towards and is now in her class at Redmond College.

He anne of the island to Anne but is rejected. Philippa Gordon - Anne's new friend from Redmond College, Philippa or Phil for short is playful and charming and can't choose between her beaus.

Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables, #3) by L.M. Montgomery

However, she is also a loyal friend and plays an essential role in bringing Anne of the island and Gilbert together at the end. Royal Gardner - A handsome Redmond student who Anne at first thinks is her dream man having become friends after he shared his umbrella with her.

He courts Anne for two years.

Anne is at first enamored by his romantic gestures, but eventually finds him rather dull and humorless and rejects his proposal.

Diana Barry - Anne's kindred spirit since childhood.

Anne of the Island

The two remain best friends, even as Diana marries and anne of the island a family. Davy Keith - One of the twins who Marilla took in, Davy is mischievous but sweet at heart, and idolizes Anne.

He has fair, fuzzy ringlets all over his anne of the island, one dimple, roguish hazel eyes, a snub nose and is often smiling. Dora Keith - Dora, Davy's sister, is completely the contrary of her brother. She does everything she is told without mistake and is very docile.

She has sleek curls, hazel eyes, a straight nose and "prunes and prisms" mouth.

Anne of the Island: L. M. Montgomery: : Books

While she is outspoken and demanding, she is well-intentioned and kindhearted. Ruby Gillis - Anne's childhood friend. Ruby is fair and beautiful and prepared to marry when she discovers that she is gravely ill and dies later in the book.

Jane Andrews - Anne's childhood friend. Jane is anne of the island teacher who meets and marries an older millionaire, much to Mrs.

Anne of the Island, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Read it now for Free! (Homepage)

Billy Andrews - Jane's slow-witted brother, who is Anne's first proposal. Too bashful to go courting, he uses his sister as an intermediary. Over the next three anne of the island, several other proposals follow, including one from Gilbert, but Anne rejects them all.

When she meets Roy Gardner, she thinks he is her romantic ideal, and she anticipates accepting his proposal. At that moment, however, she suddenly realizes the superficiality of her girlhood fantasies, so she rejects Roy also.

Anne of the Island Summary

Meanwhile, Anne succeeds academically, winning a scholarship that funds a year of college. An inheritance from Miss Josephine pays for the remainder.

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