“As nursing advocates we start with the foundation that we are servants to others and stewards of our profession,” said Ellen Noel, MN, RN-BC, clinical nurse. Nurses sometimes find it daunting to speak up on behalf of patients, because it involves challenging other people's decisions, behaviours or. Learn about the basis of nursing advocacy, the core values, and how nurses advocate for their patients from Jacksonville University's Keigwin School of Nursing.


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Nurses who have personal struggles with time management advocacy in nursing request assistance in improving their skills. When burdensome documentation requirements interfere advocacy in nursing actual patient care, nurses must again stand up and demand a solution.

Participating in committees and networking within the organisation are ways for nurses to gain power, influence, and the means to push for change.

Importance of Patient Advocacy in Nursing

Nurses can also meet with colleagues at other facilities in order to learn how those individuals and institutions address similar advocacy in nursing. In the end, if nurses feel that patient care and advocacy are impeded or made less effective for a specific reason, it is imperative to take the bull by the horns and work towards an acceptable resolution.

And when a facility is completely entrenched and resistant to change, nurses have the prerogative to seek work in more progressive environments. Thus nurses must push advocacy in nursing against the tide that has chipped away at their ability to be fully present for patients.

The term advocacy, however, is subject to ambiguity of interpretation.

Such ambiguity was evidenced recently in criticisms levelled at the nursing profession by advocacy in nursing ethicist Ellen Bernal. She reproached nursing for using 'patient rights advocate' as a viable role for nurses.

Importance of Patient Advocacy in Nursing | UTA Online

Nurses can and should advocate for healthcare equality. Advocacy in nursing should encourage others not to discriminate and model this principle themselves. Alleviation of Suffering Sadly, there is a great deal of suffering that occurs in advocacy in nursing healthcare setting.

Nurses need to observe each patient and assess their level of discomfort because suffering is relative. There are two categories of suffering: Some of the areas where nurses can advocate for their patients include pain management and reducing physical suffering.


Nurses can also address mental, psychological or emotional suffering. Nurses can respect patients by not talking down to them, literally or figuratively. When it comes to privacy, nurses can discuss private matters advocacy in nursing.

Respecting modesty is another way nurses can be conscientious.