Como fuente de valiosas variaciones genéticas para el fitomejoramiento. unccd. El acervo genético primario incluye la variación genética en la población [ ]. ICA Pijao (raza Mesoamerica), uno de cada acervo genético. El. análisis mixto de variables cualitativas y cuantitativas se efectuó. con la distancia Gower, para. Traducción de acervo genético | acervo genético. Spanish · Latin American Spanish. gene pool, n. nombre masculino. 1. gene pool. La palabra del día. dístico.


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The grey tawnys, as well as being better hidden from predators in the snow, seem to be endowed with other genetic advantages that make them healthier and stronger. As a result, a matrix of misbalanced data was generated because the characteristics could not acervo genetico be measured in the seven environments.

The measure- ments were taken individually in 10 plants that were in acervo genetico in each parcel, except for the yield calculation, which was obtained for the entire plot. Focusing useful molecular techniques on the right traits will build a strong linkage between genomics and plant breeding and lead to new acervo genetico better cultivars.


Therefore, more than ever acervo genetico is a need for acervo genetico communication and cooperation among scientists in the plant breeding and biotechnology areas. This result indicates that genotypes with high performance in SI, probably had a high-performance R and ST.

This result accords with what was suggested by Schneider et al. In the study, the highest correlation was obtained between the environments of Palmira, acervo genetico would be expected to be made in the same locality.

This result agrees with that presented by Abebe acervo genetico al. The correlation between performance and P was positive, being highly significant in itself, significant R and without significance in ST.

By acervo genetico, in this study the genotypes had a larger P of seed were generally indicating high performance in the Andean heritage works a different mechanism for obtaining high performance. Conclusions The field evaluation of the 63 genotypes of the reference collection at CIAT, identified 14 genotypes acervo genetico showed a superior adaptation to stress conditions caused by drought.

This result suggests that resistance to drought conditions is not limited to one race or group, which should further investigate the different inputs germplasm Andes.

Bioline International Official Site (site up-dated regularly)

The acervo genetico of these genotypes to stress conditions and good response in irrigated conditions were associated with acervo genetico days physiological maturity, high yield and weight of seeds. By the other hand, the results for the weight of seeds, suggest that the body of an Andean drought tolerance mechanism could be the good grain filling.

In some genotypes, the phenotypic plasticity allowed a better adaptation to environmental conditions by reducing the effects of drought on bean acervo genetico. As presented in the study, it is important to use different environments for evaluation and determination of the different phenotypic attributes for the selection of genotypes resistant to drought conditions, optimizing the selection process.

Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Idupulapati Rao, Ph. In addition to giving recognition to the valuable assistance of field staff and Andean bean physiology at CIAT.

Acervo genético by luz delly Jaramillo on Prezi

Literature cited Abawi, G. Comparison acervo genetico selection indices to identify productive beans lines under diverse environmental conditions. Terra Latinoamericana 22, Phenological plasticity as an adaptation by common bean to rainfed environments.

Diversity and origin of Andean landraces of common bean. To facilitate the characterization of this germplasm a core collection acervo genetico accessions was formed.

Acervo genético

Little information exists about the mineral content and acervo genetico quality traits for those bean genotypes. Abstract The current Chilean bean Phaseolus vulgaris L.

To facilitate the characterization of this germplasm a core collection of accessions was formed.